Banksy at the Oscars Part 3

We have all read and seen countless stories of the clean up the Kings Speech made at this years Academy Awards  - well done to Colin Firth by the way who will still forever be known as Mr Darcey to the T Town female team members – Well we loved the touching story about the daughter of the Stephen Egan one of the producers, dropping his Oscar  and breaking it !! – don’t worry it has been replaced for him. But what we found even funnier is the image that has appeared in Weston on a wall of an angry little girl holding an Oscar  - this is of course the work of Banksy . Is it sour grapes  maybe from Banksy who lost out in his category  - who knows but the image is a great one.

Bansky at the Oscars Part 2

Well the man didn’t win the gong but he has been causing with what we can only assume are Bansky images appearing all over Tinseltown – he even got mentioned on Daybreak TV by Ross King !

Banksy at the Oscars

Seems Banksy has been at large in the USA – with his documentary Exit Through the Gift shop up for an Oscar images including a urinating dog and a drunk and rude Mickey Mouse have been turning up in LA – and the billboard with the Mickey image was promptly taken down – fools don’t they realise what thats worth ?

Banksy Up for an Oscar ?

Exit thought the Gift Shop  the docu / film based on Banksy is up for an Oscar for Best Documentary at this years Acadamy  Awards  The film tells the story of a French filmmaker who follows graffiti artists and eventually meets up with the enigmatic Banksy- wonder if the main man himself will turn up ?