Personalised Teddy Bears

What fab gifts our Personalised Teddy Bears make. New Baby, Thank you present, what ever the occasion you can personalise it to the event.

Code Breaker Tees

The next big craze in the UK check back soon to see these amazing new tees!


Watched the Channel 4 Documentary called Graffiti Wars last night  - wow really interesting  - it discussed the rise of Street Art – Banksy and the ongoing battle with King Robbo – one of the original Graffiti artists from the 80′s.

This started when Banksy supposedly incorporated the one remaining Robbo tag thats under a bridge in London with his Wallpaper image  - this set off all sorts of ramifications and split fans into two camps. What was even more interesting was how he claims some of his original works have been updated ,so to speak by Mr B  - images such as Box Head.

The programme also interviewed Blek Le Rat, a French Street Artist who is said to have been the first to use the stencil images of Rats and then full sized human images as street art.

The programme proved how popular this type of art is with councils protecting original Bansky works with perspex, and pieces by him and other Graffiti artists being able to raise huge sums of money for their works.

Its really sad that on the cusp of becming a recognised Street Artisit like Banksy Robbo iss lying in a coma after being found with head injuries. Very Sad and from everyone at T Shirt town we wish him well

T Shirt of the Day

Its Monday and its not going home time yet  - now if you had asked me at 0730 this morning what my T shirt of the day was I would have said Will Work For Money – as I needed major motivition to get to work this morning - plus got my eye on some killer shoes so had to come in ! but now at just after 1 and looking at the piles of orders on our desks  - which is all good I am going for the classic Keep Calm and Carry On

Banksy been tapped

Great new Banksy image popped up on his web and somewhere in deepest darkest London – its the artists take on the recent phone hacking scandal and shows a stick man declaring his tap has been phoned. Twitter has been buzzing about it and you can get your own bit of Banksy propoganda by clicking here.


For anyone who remembers the Smurfs – own up we know some of you do will no doubt recall cute blue characters that lived in Smurfland, and that you could collect the figures from Elf garages.

We just loved this recent picture ofnewly blonde Katy Perry at the New York premier of her fist movie The Smurfs. She is dressed in, as only katy Perry would be in a really cute Smurf dress – but while this may have cost a fortune rest assured you can have your own piece of Smurf clothing with this really cute t from Junk Food T Shirts.

Smurfect for holidays we think :)

Superman or is that Supergirl

Great picture of Corrie actresses Helen Flanagan and her on screen sister Brooke Vincent out and about in Manchester City centre and Brooke was wearing a fab Superman hoodie – this is a cool hoodie by the excellent London based brand Urban Species. They offer some really cool Superhero designs with a real fashion twist on them for men and women.  And with rumours abound that a new Superman film is being made  – Made of Steel due for release in 2012 our favourite Superhero’s popularity doesn’t look like diminishing anytime soon. Along with this cute  Superman hoodie we are loving The Urban Species retro designs for  Wonder Woman. The cute and quirky designs work well with jeans or shorts  – perfect festival wear.

Hangover 2 The Movie

As seen on Alan in Hangover 2

We are so excited  - Hangover 2  - 26 May  - get those tickets booked – if you have seen the trailers  - which are on continual play in the T Town offices, you will no doubt agree that this looks like its going to be just as funny as the first film. This time the guys are in Thailand to celebrate the forthcoming wedding of Stu and Lauren, and no bachelor party allowed, but we next see the guys wake up in a squalid room once again with no memory of the night before. Cue mayhem with monkeys gangster guns and monks! To celebrate we have some excellent new Hangover t shirts designs including the one worn by Alan in the film!

Rosie Webster is King of the Road

Helen Flanangan Wearing King of the Road T Shirt

King of The Road Too Late to Dye Young T Shirt

Excellent picture of Corrie actress Helen Flanagan who plays wannabe Glamour model Rosie Webster in yesterdays Daily Mail. The newly peroxide blonde actress was out and about looking very cute in this Too Late to Dye Young T Shirt. She certainly was King of  The Road.

Banksy at the Oscars Part 3

We have all read and seen countless stories of the clean up the Kings Speech made at this years Academy Awards  - well done to Colin Firth by the way who will still forever be known as Mr Darcey to the T Town female team members – Well we loved the touching story about the daughter of the Stephen Egan one of the producers, dropping his Oscar  and breaking it !! – don’t worry it has been replaced for him. But what we found even funnier is the image that has appeared in Weston on a wall of an angry little girl holding an Oscar  - this is of course the work of Banksy . Is it sour grapes  maybe from Banksy who lost out in his category  - who knows but the image is a great one.